About Us

WayIn Workspace Solutions: Your Gateway to the Future of Workspace Management

Welcome to WayIn, where innovation, security, and efficiency converge to redefine workspace management. As architects of advanced solutions, our flagship product, the WayIn Visitor Management System (VMS), stands as a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing how workspaces interact with their visitors.

Our Story

WayIn emerged from a vision to transform the first impressions and security protocols of modern workspaces. Our bespoke, web-based VMS is designed not only to enhance these critical areas but also to be a beacon of innovation in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the evolution of workspace solutions. At WayIn, we set trends and standards, providing an intelligent “WayIn” to the future of your business environment with systems that marry simplicity with advanced functionality.

The WayIn Experience

WayIn VMS is more than a product—it’s a holistic solution crafted with the user’s needs at the forefront. It ensures that managing visitors is a seamless, standout experience for both guests and hosts. Our system supports not only individual check-ins but also group sign-ins for events, all through a fully digital interface.

Custom Configuration

We personalize each VMS to meet the specific needs of your facility, involving you in every step of the configuration process to ensure that the system integrates seamlessly into your operations.

Advanced Hardware and Analytics

Our recommended hardware setup includes secure tablets and computers in kiosk stands, protected by robust MDM software. Facility managers have exclusive access to our advanced analytics dashboard, providing valuable insights into space utilization and visitor patterns.

Key Highlights

  • Pioneers of Workspace Solutions: We specialize in creating custom solutions that respond to the unique challenges of today’s workspaces.
  • Architects of Visitor Management: Our VMS combines sophistication with user-friendliness, putting effortless control into your hands.
  • The “WayIn” to the Future: We are dedicated to your progress, offering advanced solutions that keep you ahead in the management of your workspace.

WayIn Solutions

With WayIn, you gain a partner that is deeply committed to the success of your workspace. From ensuring high security to providing deep insights with our analytics features, every interaction within your workspace is optimized for the future.

Find Your WayIn

Step into the future with WayIn Workspace Solutions. Explore the possibilities our VMS offers and join us in shaping the next generation of workspace management. For more information or to engage with our team, visit wayinsolutions.com.

Join us at WayIn — where the future of workspace management is already happening.