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Data Analytics

Use dashboards to understand visitor behaviors, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions for your facility

Streamlined User Experience

Allow visitors to check in quickly without hassle, ensuring a seamless first impression every time

Unlimited Check-Ins

Our robust system is designed to handle any volume of traffic your facility encounters, providing reliability without restrictions

Real-Time Data

Monitor visitor flow, capacity, and track specific visitors as they enter your facility

Fully Digital Experience

Say goodbye to paper logs and embrace a secure, eco-friendly solution that enhances operational efficiency

Visitor Directory

Allow visitors to register with your facility using the visitor directory

Premium Add-Ons

Customize your experience

with premium features

Customize your visitor management system and tailor your tools to meet your needs


$ 100
Base Model
$ 10 /add-on
Additional Features

Customer Reviews

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The Purdue Black Cultural Center is proud to say that the visitor management system installed in our space is covered by WayIn. The team has been great to work with, their professionalism has been top notch and their collaborative approach has made the difference.
Dr. Anne Edwards
Director, Purdue University Black Cultural Center
The Dr. Cornell A. Bell Business Opportunity Program has utilized the visitor management system for the last two years. During this time, WayIn has been able to provide our office with all the resources to display our visitor analytics efficiently. With this system, our office has gathered sufficient data to convey why having a larger space will be beneficial to our students.
Darien Thompson
Associate Director of Diversity Initiatives
Purdue Daniels School of Business

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